Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

writing humor

As part of my constant search for knowledge, even about things that could be considered relevant, I began an effort to understand Google Analytics so I could analyze my website’s performance.┬áNo one told me I would have to perform some analytics on the analytics.

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Blogging: Where the Hell have I been

I realize I haven’t been very consistent with this blog, or any of my others now that I think about it, and that isn’t a good thing. It breaks one of the main rules on “How to be Successful in Blogging” and that is


is to be consistent┬áin how often you write, whether it is once a week, every day, so your readers will know when to expect something from you. I guess I believe in the “Roy Philosophy on Blogging” which is to keep ’em guessing. Could this be why I am not successful? Hmmm. Continue reading