Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

writing humor

As part of my constant search for knowledge, even about things that could be considered relevant, I began an effort to understand Google Analytics so I could analyze my website’s performance. No one told me I would have to perform some analytics on the analytics.

All I wanted to know is how I could get some more visitors to my site. I did some research and learned that you need to do some website analytics. I thought, “Cool, I am an analytical kind of guy, this is right up my alley.” Have you ever looked at Google Analytics?

Let’s get started:

Acquisition Data Hub Activity Goal Conversions Second Interaction
Active Users Demographics In-market Segments Secondary Dimensions
Affinity Categories Engagement Inteeligence Events Session Duration
Behavior Experiments Network Referrals Site Content
Behavior Flow First Interaction New and Returning Site Speed
Benchmarking Geo Page Depth Source/Medium
Bounce Rate Geo Language Search Engine Optimization Trackbacks
Cohort Analysis Geo Location Conversions Tree Maps

Well, okay then, let’s see what I really need. Be back in a minute, got to find what is the most important.

Back, so I have done some reading and I have learned that the one most important thing you should track is keywords. Keywords are words that are used by people when they perform searches. For example if someone is looking for dog groomers with pink  hair, they would type this phrase into their search engine and then the results would pop up. So if you are a dog groomer with pink hair you would use these keywords in your dog grooming blog. You might also use some others. Makes sense to me.

So then I should find out what keywords are being used to find my site, there must be a section for that. Here we go, this one… nope not that one. Let me check here… nope not that one either. Wait, this looks good – Traffic. Ah yes, this tells me where the traffic comes from. Direct, Referral, Social, Organic. Seems most of my traffic comes from “Direct” and that is traffic that comes from searches so I just need to find where the breakdown is. Be right back.

Alrighty then, I’m back and after spending the afternoon searching for the search terms  that people are searching with and finding my site. Guess what? After digging through FAQs, Help Centers, Blogs, and Forums, I found the answer. Google doesn’t provide them to you. They used to but now they don’t. So I guess I won’t know if my keywords and SEO is working will I?

Maybe I’ll spend all day tomorrow trying to find out exactly what tree maps do. I have always been interested in horticulture.


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