The One Tip You Need For Writing Success

In my last post, I wrote about the definition of a writer. Let me begin by saying my first book was written and I published it last week. Now whether it is selling or not is a different story, but the point is I put my mind to it, and I did it. I have always had a dream of writing a book, but I always had excuses. Finally, I had no more excuses and it is done. And I learned a very important lesson … the first step to writing success.

The One Tip for Writing Success

You will never be successful if you don’t write. The book, the short story, the article, the blog post, will never get finished if you don’t start it. It is as simple as that. If you want to be a successful writer, no matter how you define success you have to write. For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a writer. I read books on how to do it, I read magazines, I even would buy the Writer’s Market every year to scope out the markets,  but the one thing I never did was actually write.bird

But I had a lot of excuses.

You can read all the writing books you want, you can subscribe to magazines, blogs, newsletters (the only one you need is mine when I start it) and all that is fine, but you still have to write. You have to put the pencil to the paper even if it is electronic.

I will admit it was easier to get started since the advent of PC’s. Heck, you can even use voice recognition software. (Do they make one with a Bawston accent?)

If you really want to write, you will get rid of all the excuses. You don’t need a fancy computer, some of the equipment I write on is from the prehistoric era, like 1999. All you need is something with a keyboard and some way to save your work. Or you can get yourself a pack of legal pads or spiral notebooks, and write away. You don’t need special software, you could write on something as simple as a text editor. The thing is, if you really want to write you will.

I know, you don’t have time to write. You can read all the advice and tips out there about making time to write and they are all good. Pick one and then… write. I admit I am lucky right now because I work from home. I am not sure for how much longer, but even when I had a real job, once I decided to start writing I found a way. I had blogs, I wrote articles for various websites and I even made some money. All by making time and writing.

Nothing got written until I started to write. I needed to sit down, warm up the fingers and bang on the keyboard.

You can probably tell I am excited about this. No, I haven’t sold thousands of copies of my book already. Bit I did it, I finally finished something I said I would do, and that in itself makes me feel awesome. And I did it all by doing one thing … writing.

Okay, you know I had to finish with this: Here is the link where you can buy my book.

You Can Beat Fibromyalgia: Or let it beat you


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